So say hi to your self.

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Tomorrow I have a big test of my life ( not that much)… do you believe you can do it Games?

Last Saturday I went to PG headquarter for cabin crew pre-screen event. I applied to this position with my fully hope. But finally it was destroyed.  My proportion is under qualified. Speechless.

I guess I’m kinda bored however I’m kinda nervous.

Since I finished my FATD class I rarely check my blog. I should speak english more often for practice my selffff. Fck that day is coming. Be nervous? In that day I am going to feel more 5000000% fckin nervous. Every holy thing plsssss help me go through this situation. I dedicated my self alot for that.

I just replaced new battery into my macbook pro 15”. It was very excited that I could do it by my self. and I don’t have to pay high for the new battery. it’s just 2,990 bath but if I send it to Apple service they will cost me 5,500 bath. My macbook come alive again. New and fresh also a new case for my boy (Macbook Pro) It comes in yellow and it cost only 500 bath with Keyboard silicone cover for free. I ordered it from internet.

Now my feeling is so bad. I pay attention with that work but my boss he doesn’t agree with my idea. I dont like his style. I dont know how it gonna look like doodle style. It still seem like CRM work. In my opinion the employees still recognize that work from thier company. I dont get his idea. I’d tell you directly it look like old-fashioned idea.

I used to like him I mean respect in his opinioun and his working style.  But now It seem I never know him in evey detail before. It look like I miss understand him.

After finished my work. I went to work out at gym. Now I’m running on treadmill. Very exhausted. I’ve been trying to do every 3 days a week. For losing my weight. After 3 months I can lose it for 5 kgs. So proud of it. And very impressed me. I thought I can’t do that. But I can!


It too fast I can’t stand for it. My body is shaking.

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